Bedroom Design Ideas 6 Ways To Create The Perfect Bedroom

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A bedroom is like a personal sanctuary. Everybody loves having space where they can be themselves and relax. Hence, it is important that your bedroom should reflect your personality. Be yourself and explore the distinctive possibilities of decorating this room. In the end, a bedroom should be a place where you would want to come every night to chill and doze off.

So, if you are want to give your bedroom a facelift, here are a few important things that will help you design a magical space

1. Choose a Calming Colour Scheme

While vibrant colours look amazing in Pinterest, they are very disturbing for the mind. Every colour ignites a unique feeling in the mind, for instance, red as a colour is full of energy, hunger, excitement, and enthusiasm. So, painting your bedroom with a shade of red will only cause discomfort.

Select hues of light shades like beige, grey, white, powder blue, eggshell, and so on. These will create a serene vibe that will keep you calm and composed.

bedroom design ideas, Cosy Casa

2. Allow Ample Amount Of Light

Lighting can change the face of almost any space! Try to bring as much light as possible in your bedroom using natural and artificial lights. Well, not all of us are lucky enough to have large windows, in such a case, you must incorporate an optimal amount of ambient light in the room.

Additionally, you can use lighting fixtures to create a statement! There are a plethora of designer pendants and chandeliers that can instantly enhance the vibe of your bedroom. If you want to take it one step further, use candles, dimmers, and decorative lights to set the right mood!

bedroom design ideas, Cosy Casa

3. Get A Practical Night Stand  

Let’s accept the fact that bedside tables are one of the most overused pieces of furniture in the bedroom. This is a place where you end up hoarding your phone, coffee mug, glasses, laptop, and what not! So, be practical and get yourself a nightstand with storage unit. You can stuff random tidbits here, flaunt your family picture, keep a table lamp and there would still be enough space for other mundane things.

bedroom design ideas, Cosy Casa

4. Make A Statment With Your Wall

To add a pinch of glamour, you can punctuate the massive walls with beautiful artworks, personal pictures, and DIY paintings. Bedroom design ideas, get creative here and give a glimpse of your persona to space. Alternatively, using an alluring wallpaper on the wall behind the bed can instantly transform your room.

bedroom design ideas, Cosy Casa

5. Splurge On Your Bed 

Many people end up spending a lot of money on bedroom furnishings but buy an average bed. Do not make this mistake! Always invest in a good quality bed that feels like heaven and made of top-quality material that will last you a lifetime.

Today, there is a myriad of bed designs available in the market from poster beds to storage beds. Identify your requirements and buy an excellent bed!

bedroom design ideas, Cosy Casa


6. Create Working Zones

A bedroom is not just restricted to the sleeping area. People like to work here, change clothes, get ready, and do so many other things depending on their size and usability. Creating effective working zones in the bedroom will not only make your life easier but also aesthetic! Dedicate a separate area for changing and this is where you keep the wardrobe or dressing table. A separate reading nook will allow you space to store books and read, sitting in a comfortable armchair.

bedroom design ideas, Cosy Casa

Hope these bedroom design ideas from cosy casa inspire you to create a functional and aesthetic bedroom. Remember, have fun and be experimentative with your bedroom. Use all things you love to design your own snuggle haven!

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