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6 Tips to Design an Inspiring Home Office

The year 2020 saw a sudden spike in the remote working culture. And here onwards, it is only going to popularize more! Working on a makeshift workspace at home can lead to inefficiency and health issues. Hence, it is time that we all curate a dedicated workspace in our homes for better performance.

We know how exhausting working at home can be, but once you devise an awesome workspace for yourself, honestly, it will change your life forever! So, here we have rounded up some quick and helpful ways to design a home office.

1. Location! Location! Location!

home office furniture online uk, Cosy Casa

We cannot emphasize this enough, but the location is the key! Go on a hunt for the perfect spot in your apartment. Make sure it is away from the hustle-bustle and preferably near a window. Natural sunlight plays a key role in stimulating the cognitive mind which will keep you active and productive all day.

(A pro-tip, do not forget to take into consideration the plug points before setting up your home office!)

2. A Professional Office Desk

home office furniture online uk, Cosy Casa

Nothing screams work more than a desk. If you do not already have a proper table, invest in a good quality desk and you will not regret it. To increase work coherence, the best hack is to simulate the exact work conditions. Make sure you get a professional office desk and set up all the electronics.

3.A Comfortable Chair

home office furniture online uk, Cosy Casa

A lot of people do not realize how important an office chair is! You are easily going to spend 8 hours of the day sitting on that chair. While it is okay to compromise with make-do dining chairs, but for a longer run, you will need a high back office chair that is designed ergonomically. Make sure you research about good chairs that offer various adjustments so you can work comfortably without ruining your posture.

4. Accessories it Professionally

home office furniture online uk, Cosy Casa

Have you heard the famous saying, fake it till you make it? Yes, work from home is a great example of that quote! Do whatever it takes to make your mind believe that you are actually working in an office. Adding accessories like stationery, table lamp, writing pads, and pen stand can make your space functional. You can also put together a pinboard to stick notes, calendars, and other work stuff.

5. Make it Aesthetic

home office furniture online uk, Cosy Casa

Who doesn’t love to work in a fancy space? Well, now you are the in-charge of sprucing up your own home office! Include pictures, posters, and just about everything that keeps you motivated all day long. Adding greenery around can be a great way to calm your mind and reduce anxiety. Additionally, you can get fresh flowers every day and enjoy their aroma. 

Always keep water and snacks near you. At home, it is very easy to get distracted from work, so, avoid leaving the office space unless it’s necessary. And always stay hydrated!

6.Storage Solutions

home office furniture online uk, Cosy Casa

With home office comes a lot of mess like files, papers, stick notes, and so much more. Keep a trash can near the table to avoid cluttering your workspace. And make it a habit to clean the area regularly. Another way to control the chaos is by having storage units. These come very handily if your work requires a lot of books, sheets, and files. A spacious shelf will ensure that your table remains neat and tidy always. You can also style the cabinet in fun ways to keep up with the aesthetics.

These were some easy home office styling tips that can be a game-changer! Remember, a home office should be a space that motivates and inspires you. So, think out of the box and indulge in fun ways to curate this space.

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