Living room design ideas

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All living rooms need special therapy, partly because people spend most of their time lounging in this space. Additionally, it is the place where you will host family and friends, so it’s always a good idea to show off a little bit.

Comfortability and utility take a higher stand in living room design. Always try to curate a space that is warm and inviting. Most importantly, customize your living room to make it the best fit according to your requirements!

If all this sounds too daunting to you, don’t worry! Here are 6 modern living room ideas that will change your life completely!

1. Dress up the foyer

modern living room ideas, Cosy Casa

Most people forget to include foyer in their design and it ends up looking ‘out of place’. Try to blend the entrance with the living room and you will instantly notice how the room starts looking more aesthetic. Having a few hangers and storage units will increase the functionality of the foyer. Just place a mirror on the wall along with a few frames and you are good to go!

2.Splurge on the Couch

modern living room ideas, Cosy Casa

Without a doubt, a couch is the most abused piece of furniture in every house. So why not flaunt the most comfortable and good looking sofa in your living room?

Couches come in a myriad of different styles and sizes. And selecting the right sofa can be a bit challenging. But once you have a fixed design style and colour palette in mind, choosing a couch becomes a cakewalk.

A quick tip: Before finalising the couch, make sure to double-check the measurements. You don’t wanna have a ‘Ross’ moment with your newly bought sofa right?

3.Select a Theme and Stick to It!

modern living room ideas, Cosy Casa

With so many interior design styles, it can be hard to decide what to pick.? Try to learn a bit about all the design styles and understand what reflects your personality the best. Luckily, in today’s design world there is no hard and fast rule to stick to one style. Be open and experimentative! You can mix and match freely to design your living room. Incorporate your favourite colours and furniture pieces to give it a personal touch.

4.Have Ample Storage

modern living room ideas, Cosy Casa

The secret to having a flawless-looking apartment is to have enough storage! Without side tables and armoires, your living room will look like an exhibition. If you want to make it inhabitable, introduce a storage unit wherever possible. You can have a combination of open cabinets and closed drawers. The pieces you want to show off can punctuate a nice tall unit, whereas all the clutter can go inside the closed console tables.

5.Have Dramatic Lights

modern living room ideas, Cosy Casa

The best living room décor idea is to have bold lights. Lights make everything magical, plus it sets up the right mood! There are a million lighting options available today, ranging from chandeliers to wall sconces. Depending on the design style, accentuate your living room with chic lights to get a cheerful vibe.

6.Layer it Up with Textures 

modern living room ideas, Cosy Casa




Having a few textures can make your living room look dull and blank. Try to incorporate unique materials and fabrics to create an interesting space. Contrast plays a crucial role in giving depth to the room. Therefore, having a perfect blend of rough and smooth textures can bring out the room cohesively. For instance, you can use cotton fabric for the couch along with a wool knit throw to add glamour. In addition to that, use throw pillows in quirky fabrics and patterns as a cherry on top.

These were some quick and easy ways to deck up your living room. Take inspiration from these modern living room ideas and have fun with your space!

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